This Indian Sweet Makes Monsoon Even More Special!

Monsoon! It's finally here in Delhi! And foodies got their food heads active already! Monsoon may seem like a normal seasonal change to some people but food lovers gotta relate everything with one and only food!

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So, with monsoon comes the joy of having everyone's favourite chai and pakode at home! It's almost the staple diet of India during monsoon! But in the spellbound condition caused due to spicy pakodas and chai we miss out the fun of this sweet Indian delicacy. Do you know what it is? Any guesses?

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Well it's none other than the Rajasthani sweet called "Ghevar". It is specially prepared by various sweet shops during the monsoon season and is highly liked by many people. I personally wait for this dish to be out in the market so that I can have it! It is basically a cake shaped sweet made up of all purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. It is coated with 'mawa' and dry fruits to make it taste even better!

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looks tempting right? It is my strong recommendation to all of you to try this amazing sweet! And I'm sure its gonna leave you spell bound! 

Stay tuned for more amazing blogs by me. Thanks for reading <3

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