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This Indian Sweet Makes Monsoon Even More Special!

Monsoon! It's finally here in Delhi! And foodies got their food heads active already! Monsoon may seem like a normal seasonal change to some people but food lovers gotta relate everything with one and only food!

So, with monsoon comes the joy of having everyone's favourite chai and pakode at home! It's almost the staple diet of India during monsoon! But in the spellbound condition caused due to spicy pakodas and chai we miss out the fun of this sweet Indian delicacy. Do you know what it is? Any guesses?

Well it's none other than the Rajasthani sweet called "Ghevar". It is specially prepared by various sweet shops during the monsoon season and is highly liked by many people. I personally wait for this dish to be out in the market so that I can have it! It is basically a cake shaped sweet made up of all purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. It is coated with 'mawa' and dry fruits to make it taste even better!

looks tempting right? It is my strong re…

Story Behind The Names of 10 Big Companies

The most successful search engine in the world, Google, got its name from the term “Googol”. Googol means 10 raised to the power 100, i.e. (10)100 . You might be wondering why this term was used to derive the name “Google”. It’s because the people behind naming it were joking around that Google could give “googol” number of search results in few seconds. This led them to actually name the website as “Google”.

2.Apple Well, it had been quite a while since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had been thinking of a suitable name for their partnership when the name “Apple” popped up in Steve Jobs’ head. The idea of this name popped into his head as he had been working in an apple orchard for some time. The name sounded fun and different to them and moreover they were not able to think of any other great technical name, so they finally came up with the name “Apple”.

3.Hotmail The founders of Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith were searching for a suitable name for their e-mail service that…

10 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemon.

Lemon is considered as one of the best natural remedies for various health and skin related problems. People have been using lemon to solve various basic health problems since long. Lemon being rich in Vitamin C is good for the health of our skin too.
Let’s begin with some amazing Health Benefits that lemon has blessed us with!
·Enhances the Stamina – As we know that lemon is rich in Vitamin C, it is a great immunity enhancer. It keeps the body full of stamina and we can cope up with the day actively.
·Protects from microbes – Lemon protects us from various microbes like bacteria and viruses so that we stay disease resistant, healthy and fit.
·Improves blood quality – Lemon helps in formation of new blood cells in our body and hence regulates our blood pressure. With the formation of new blood cells the quality of the blood elevates.
· Relieves Indigestion – Drinking lemon water leads to increase in secretion of digestive juices which in turn improves the digestion process in our body.